Alli Mowry is an SSF alumna from Trenton, FL who joined in 2012 as a resident in the BPW Scholarship House. She received her AA degree at TCC before transferring to FSU and receiving her Bachelor’s in Family and Child Sciences. As a resident, Alli served as House Manager and has fond memories of the E4L5K, spring cleaning and hosting the BPW Halloween Party.  

After graduating, Alli has spent the last four years working at an independent medical consulting company that assists veterans with their VA benefits. Her profession has geographically, taken her to Puerto Rico for training purposes. Mentally and emotionally, her job has made her a more mature individual.  

Reflecting on her accomplishments, Alli attributes her success to her faith, “The credit for my greatest success does not go to me, but to my relationship with God. My accomplishments are in vein if Christ is not at the center. Yes, I graduated debt free, moved up the corporate ladder, and built strong relationships with others; but all these achievements were first established by my God.” 

Alli has established lifelong friends from her time in SSF and was able to graduate college completely debt free! For Alli, “Starting my adult life without the burden of student loans was a true blessing.”