Cathy Cavanaugh (née Goodrich) is an SSF alumna from Vero Beach, FL who joined SSF in the MET Pilot Scholarship House. Her time in the house was highlighted by the built-in family and mentors, as well as group comradery during charitable events and celebrations. After receiving a degree in education from the University of Florida, Cathy became a teacher in Florida and the US Virgin Islands, as well as a college leader in the UAE. Cathy was also a K-12 system leader in Australia and worked as a researcher and program manager in the corporate education group at Microsoft. She is currently returning to the UF College of Education to lead educational technology research and development! Cathy’s greatest achievements are seeing her students succeed, as well as having a part in expanding access to education through her scholarship and consulting in distance learning.

For Cathy, “As a first-generation university student paying for my education, it would have taken me far longer to complete my degree without SSF, and the adjustment to being a student would have much more difficult without the wisdom and guidance of experienced housemates.”