Before joining SSF, Nathalie Ayers (née Bazelais) lived in Tampa, FL. Having never visited Florida State University prior to her freshman orientation, she applied to and attended FSU on a whim and a prayer. Nathalie was originally placed on the waitlist for SSF, but her best friend and fellow SSF alum, Darrian Jones, encouraged her to follow up after the fall semester began. Soon after, she joined SSF as a resident in the McKaig-Malthouse Scholarship House, where she also served as House Manager and enjoyed working with the SSF leadership team!

One of Nathalie’s favorite SSF memories were the skit nights, banner contests, and the excitement leading up to the Education for Life 5K Marathon. She even recalls her heartfelt closing speech at the senior banquet, where emotions were heavy because of the joy she had with her housemates.

After graduating from FSU in 2016 with a degree in Human Resource Management/Real Estate, Nathalie returned to Tampa where she currently works in the human resources department for a healthcare management company. In 2017, she married the love of her life, and in 2018 she purchased a house. As of February, she is debt-free and working on paying off her mortgage in the next five years!

The SSF family that Nathalie gained still stands strong today, “I met some of the most beautiful souls to walk this earth and I still talk to them today. They were at my graduation, wedding, and will continue to share the highs and lows of life with me.” She is also a member of SSF’s Young Philanthropist Society because, “I am grateful for those who made scholarship housing possible for me. I give back to make it possible for someone else.”