Shelly-Anne Tulia Scott lived in Barbados before joining SSF in the Hansen Scholarship House in 2005 to pursue her master’s degree at Florida A&M University. Living in SSF provided her affordable housing during her graduate studies and allowed her to develop great friendships through activities such as cooking, cleaning, and hanging out.

After receiving her master’s in architecture, Shelly-Anne lived in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Georgia and participated in the Enterprise Rose Fellowship, working with senior housing developments to build and grow their affordable housing portfolio. She currently works with a small Architecture/Planning & Interiors company and manages the architectural department.

Shelly-Anne enjoys being able to work on projects that have an impact on the community at large, so one of her greatest accomplishments was becoming a registered architect in FL, GA, and SC. She has helped shape the environment by creating places for people, including work on community and academic libraries, churches, mixed use buildings and other community-based projects.