Hailing from Panama City, FL, Simone Buchanan joined the #SSFfamily in the Lastinger Scholarship House from 2010-2012. For Simone, “Participating in the cook crew is by far the most memorable time I had with my Lastinger housemates. My best memory was preparing a baked turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner.”

Simone graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Risk Management/Insurance and Human Resource Management, and she currently works as an underwriter for an insurance company in Tallahassee. She was fortunate to graduate college debt-free and enjoys giving back to her community, where she is also a member of SSF’s Young Philanthropist Society!

Simone states, “I am humbled and grateful for Southern Scholarship Foundation. I can look back on this time and be thankful for some of the things I experienced and accomplished in life. Southern Scholarship Foundation has shaped the person I have become. The Foundation has impacted my life by the unique opportunities to experience and explore my purpose and passion I would not have otherwise.”