Tim McWilliams from Eustis, FL lived in the E.C. Allen Scholarship House while studying criminology at Florida State University. Tim enjoyed the family atmosphere while in SSF, as well as the opportunity to attend college without the hassle of housing costs.

Tim proudly served in the Air Force, spending 20 years on active duty (6 years enlisted out of high school and 14 years as an officer after college), including three combat tours in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. This has also allowed him to travel the world, visiting Aruba, Korea, Panama, Suriname, Germany, Japan and more! After retiring in 2007, he worked in the government contract profession.

Today, Tim lives in Huntsville, AL and credits SSF for having a profound impact on his life and changing his family tree. “I went on to obtain a master’s degree and achieved great success in my career. Further, my two sons are now both in college; my oldest son is in his second year of Medical School at UAB and my youngest son is graduating from UAH next year with his degree in Mechanical Engineering! I truly believe SSF has a multi-generational impact on students and I am proof of that!”