Iván Peñafiel

Communications Specialist

Hello, everyone! My name is Iván, and I excited to form a part of SSF as the new Communications Specialist leading our social media and online platform efforts. Getting the opportunity to apply my creative visual and language skills to the mission of the foundation is a dream come true, and I look forward to increasing public awareness of the incredible work that SSF does for the students and future leaders of the community.

Lisa Heil

Director of Development

With 19 years of fundraising experience, I am so excited to support and help provide higher education opportunities to deserving students building their futures! When I’m not working I enjoy the simple things in life… spending time with my family and friends. Most of all being a mom to my sweet girl and a wife to my husband. We enjoy spending time at the beach or finding new places to travel together.

Katherine Guzman

Student Affairs Assistant – North Florida

Katherine is a senior at Florida State University studying Family & Child Sciences and Public Health. In addition to her duties as a House Manager at SSF, Katherine is the North Florida Student Affairs Assistant.

John Stewart

Senior Maintenance Technician – North Florida

Hi, I’m John Stewart! As a maintenance technician for over 15 years now, and have been at Southern Scholarship Foundation for two years. I enjoy meeting so many great people along the way!

Norman Moore

Director of Maintenance – North Florida

Hi, I’m Norman! As the Director of Maintenance for our North Florida Homes my job centers on keeping all 17 of them up and running. Even though it can be a daunting task at times, I do get the privilege to meet and learn a little about our incredible residents along the way. After almost 16 years I have seen many students come and go, and I look forward to meeting the future residents of SSF.

Akira Hung

Staff Accountant

Hello, my name is Akira Hung. At work, numbers are my partner. Loyal, dependable and organization are my friends. Being a crazy cat lady and mother of two, I love to snuggle and take naps with my family.

Kassandra “Kassi” Starrine

Director of Student Affairs – North Florida

Dale Dixon

Director of Maintenance – Central Florida

Hello, my name is Dale and I’m the Maintenance Director for Central FL. I look after all the resident houses in Gainesville and Ft. Myers. I have been doing maintenance for over 25 years and I really enjoy helping people.

Brian Marquez

Development Officer

Hi, I’m Brian and I’m thrilled to join the SSF team as our new Development Officer. I fell in love with fundraising as an undergraduate student when I participated in FSU’s Dance Marathon, and I’m excited to bring this passion to support the Foundation and our residents. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, reading a good book, or attending various community events with my partner Stevie.

Teresa Turner

Director of Student Affairs – Central Florida

Hi, I’m Teresa and I am the Director of Student Affairs for our Central Florida Campus! In my role I am lucky enough to meet our students during the interview process and hear their powerful stories. But the real joy comes in watching them grow into these highly productive adults who are out there every day achieving their dreams. My time with SSF goes beyond the word rewarding because the impact our residents have made on me is something I will always carry with me.