• Address: 811 W Jefferson St Tallahassee, FL 32304
  • Distance to Campus: FSU: 50 feet; FAMU: 1.6 miles; TCC: 2.9 miles
  • House Founder: Bill and Nancy Malthouse
  • House Champion: Delta Kappa Gamma – Beta Phi chapter
  • Occupancy: 17 residents
  • House Notes: Two stories, suite style bathrooms

House Bio: In 1962 SSF acquired the land that is now the site of the Malthouse Scholarship House. Originally the Selby II for Men House, the original structure became the Rotary House in 1983. In 2018 the prior house was retired and razed. In 2020 the Malthouse Scholarship House opened. The Malthouse House is the first house completely funded by an SSF Alum, Bill Malthouse, who credited the foundation with giving him the opportunity for a college education and set him on a path of prosperity.