• Address: 318-C Stadium Drive Tallahassee, FL 32304
  • Distance to Campus: FSU: 100 feet; TCC: 2.2 miles; FAMU: 2.7 miles
  • House Founder: Charles A. Frueauff Foundation
  • House Champion: Kiwanis of the Big Bend
  • Occupancy: 17 residents House
  • House Notes: One story, suite style bathrooms

House Bio: The Frueauff Scholarship House was built at 318-C Stadium Dr. to house 17 men and dedicated on January 8, 1992. The Harry D. Frueauff Foundation donated to build the house and then donated $250,000 as an endowment to the foundation to sponsor future students. In 2018 the former Ralph Davis Kiwanis Scholarship House, on Conradi Street, was retired and sold to FSU. Kiwanis’s first house sponsorship started in 1977, and this is the fifth SSF house to bear the Kiwanis’ name. The name also honors Ralph Davis, first president of the Florida Kiwanis Foundation, which has contributed to SSF over 40 years.