• Address: 1084 SW 9th Street Gainesville, FL 32601
  • Distance to Campus: UF: 1 mile; SFC: 7.8 miles
  • House Founder: George W. Hawksley
  • House Champion: Joe and Gladys Lowry
  • Occupancy: 17 residents
  • House Notes: One story, suite style bathrooms

House Bio: In 1999, the George W. Hawksley I & II Scholarship Houses opened, situated beside each other. In 2022 the Hawksley II House was demolished due to unrepairable structural deficiencies. The remaining Hawksley House originally housed women, and now houses men, much to the chagrin of its former residents. The Hawksley estate also supported purchase of the land and establishment of an endowment that allows SSF to provide rent-free housing.