• Address: 318-B Stadium Drive Tallahassee, FL 32304
  • Distance to Campus: FSU: 100 feet; TCC: 2.1 miles; FAMU: 2.7 miles
  • House Founder: Edna Smith
  • House Champion: Annette Wilson
  • Occupancy: 17 residents
  • House Notes: One story, suite style bathrooms

House Bio: The Smith-Tyner house was built with a donation by Edna T. Smith in memory of her husband, Cyril. Mrs. Smith commented, “I wanted to make a contribution of some consequence toward the education of young people, something of lasting value. For these reasons, and because Cyril had a great interest in the Southern Scholarship Foundation, I have chosen to build a scholarship house.” In 2012 funding from the Pearl Tyner estate supported renovations, and her name was added to the name of the house. Smith House residents are fiercely loyal to each other, so loyal that they have a secret term for residents of the house. Want to know it? Apply to SSF.