Executive Summary

To reduce the financial burden of college, Southern Scholarship Foundation offers one simple and unique solution: rent-free housing and cooperative living.

Through cooperative living, all residents embody Southern Scholarship Foundation values of:


  • SSF fosters personal relationships that are founded on patience, trust, enthusiasm, and responsibility. As a community, we encourage one another to grow, achieve, enjoy and prepare for the future. Community makes the “Education for Life” philosophy a reality.


  • SSF embraces and respects the variety of knowledge, skills and abilities possessed by each of the diverse individuals in the SSF community. We seek to create an environment in which our student residents, staff, and board members can excel in broad areas of thought and action as independent, unique participants in the SSF experience and as leaders and vital members of the community.


  • SSF celebrates diversity in thought and culture, and we value greater diversity in our student residents, staff, and board membership. We believe that our differences allow us to expand our horizons and achieve a broader understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live.


  • SSF is committed to the responsible, effective management and utilization of its financial resources and residential facilities.  We owe this both to our financial supporters and to our student residents.


  • SSF operates on a relationship-building philosophy that includes all clubs, donors, staff, board members, students, and prospects. Through proactive and consistent engagement, we provide opportunities for individuals to connect and participate with SSF to advance our mission.
Scholarships awarded annually
Scholarship houses across Florida
Saved annually per resident in living expenses. That’s $4.40 saved for each $1.00 donated
Million of total economic impact in savings for our residents and their families

6 Institutional Partners

SSF Demographics

Top 5 Counties Represented

  • Miami-Dade
  • Broward
  • Orange
  • Palm Beach
  • Leon

Top 5 Areas of Study

  • Engineering
  • Biology
  • Psychology
  • Computer Science
  • Business

Ethnic Breakdown

Of all SSF Residents. . .

are first generation college students
left for graduation or to continue education
graduated with $0 student debt
increased life skills while at SSF