Grace Hudgins is the Central Florida Student Affairs Coordinator for the Southern Scholarship Foundation.  Originally from Orange City, Florida, Grace is a current resident of SSF and has lived in the Hawksley 1 Scholarship House for two years. She currently serves the Hawksley 1 house as House Manager and has previously served as Business Manager and Event Coordinator.

Grace is excited to work closely with the DSA’s, Teresa and Barby, as a Student Affairs Coordinator, along with other SSF staff members.

Grace is currently a student at the University of Florida, pursuing a bachelor’s in journalism. Along with her bachelor’s degree, Grace will graduate with a Master’s certificate in global strategic communications and experience in the nonprofit field, which she gained while pursuing her minor in nonprofit organizational leadership.  After graduation, Grace hopes to work in the news industry, either at a broadcast station or at a book-publishing company as an editor, and she hopes to continue philanthropy work as a volunteer.

In addition to being a full-time Gator, SSF leader and SSF resident, Grace interns for local print publications, such as the student newspaper or local book publishing companies, where she is able to explore her passions and meet inspiring people.  When she’s not on campus or at work, Grace spends her free time socializing with her housemates and other SSF residents, shopping, and reading, and attempts to find time to watch her favorite TV show (The Arrow) in between! 

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